Working with Midlantic Color Graphics

Starting a partnership with Midlantic Color Graphics is your first step to maintaining (or creating!) your business’s success. With our years of expertise and a warehouse of resources, Midlantic Color Graphics is an invaluable asset to your company. Staying within your budgets and deadlines, we work with you and your team to deliver your solutions in a well-executed fashion, no matter how complex the task or project may be. We act as your one stop shop and your personal consultant for all things print and distribution.

Our network is your network

Our network of skilled vendors helps us deliver jobs flawlessly and effectively. We function as a unit in order to fulfill and surpass the needs of our clients. Having the backing of these resources allows us to cover virtually any type of print distribution job. Midlantic Color Graphics is equipped to handle integrated cards, commercial printing, digital printing, web-to-print, e-commerce solutions, VDP (variable data printing), personalization, pURLS and more. Because of our vast amount of resources, we can leave your assured knowing that any project, regardless of complexity and deadlines, will be executed in a completely thorough manner, with your company’s short-term and long-term goals in mind.

We provide you with services, not just products

It’s a common misconception that print distributors are only used for the actual printing of your products. At Midlantic Color Graphics, our realm of expertise and service far surpasses just the printing of your goods (though we do that too!). Let us be your time-saving, money-making partner. We will tailor a program that best fits your company’s personality and long-term plan in order for you to reach your ROI goals.

Does your company have any of the following needs:
  • A fully developed marketing and/or advertising campaign that covers all the bases, from direct mail to email programs
  • Reports for inventory, “pick and pack” services, multi-location distributions and fulfillment services
  • Productions of complex forms and tags, plastic cards, books and catalogs
  • Management of your mailing lists, design for your graphic needs, and programming for the web
  • Solutions that encompass e-commerce and web-to-print
  • Document management and distribution
Staying ahead of the technological curve

Midlantic Color Graphics tackles new software and features as it comes out so you don’t have to. Our team is well-versed in emerging trends and innovative solutions to old problems. We already have a repertoire of solutions in place involving variable data printing, pURLS, e-commerce, and other types of technological distribution. We recognize that as everyday goes by, the effectiveness of a lone promotional postcard goes down, and we’ve built our business model around staying on top of the game. Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about cutting-edge technology - that’s what Midlantic Color Graphics is for. We know the marketplace and will walk you through the best solutions for your company.

Each solution is tailored to your specific company and goal

We’re not just your print distributor - we’re your consultants. Midlantic Color Graphics is here to save your company time and money by running your B2B and B2C document and marketing programs run more efficiently. We consolidate your documents when needed, nix the ones that are out of date, and convert the others to an electronic form when its needed. Different technological solutions offer different pros and cons, and we’re here to sort all that out for you. Depending on your brand and exposure level, we’ll be able to increase your ROI in a plethora of ways. Understanding the needs of your business is the foundation of ours.

We can always guarantee the best combination of price, product, and delivery

With our extensive catalog of positive vendor relationships, we’re able to get the deals to save you money in your budget. Each project is different, with a separate set of requirements and expectations. No matter what your need is, “we have a guy for that” - and at a fair price! We’ll work with you to make sure that costs, such as printing and shipping, stay within the budget and timeframe given.

Midlantic Color Graphics is your business partner

We’ve worked with start-ups, mid-sized business, and corporations on the national level. We’re here to help you plan out a campaign for months down the road, or to save you in a moment of crisis. When you trust us with your business, you trust us with your reputation, and we will never let you down. Developing and implementing your business’s print strategies in a tasteful, professional, and effective manner is the hallmark of Midlantic Color Graphics. And as a Print Services & Distribution Association member, Midlantic Color Graphics recognizes that as we help you grow your business, all services done for your company aids us in our professional growth and development as well. We’ll be your true business partner, and agree to always put your company’s goals first.