Midlantic Color Graphics handles all types of plastic card imagining, from employee time cards to rewards cards, and everything in between. Lose the paper punch card, and contact us for a quote about plastic card imaging.

Our equipment is ready for all of your plastic card imaging needs. We have the machinery to handle:
  1. Embossing
  2. Thermal Imaging
  3. Magnetic Strip Encoding
  4. Barcoding
  5. DoD Services

Plastic cards products such as membership and rewards cards can add value to your business by creating a loyal customers year and after. Our printers are perfectly suited for the printing of vibrant, full-color cards to minimalistic, translucent cards. Midlantic Color Graphics also can assist you in the design of your plastic cards if you do not have a designer readily available.

With our printing technologies, the plastic card imaging project we do for you will be of the highest caliber in terms of image quality, card flexibility, security, and durability. Whether you need phone cards, gift cards, membership cards, or any other kind of card to show inclusion, Midlantic Color Graphics gives you the resources to create it.

A few things to consider when thinking about the design of your plastic card project:

Embossing refers to the raised lettering with color toping that is still the industry standard for many credit card and other plastic card products.

Encoding refers to the process of embedding unique data onto the magnetic stripe which enables the plastic cards to be linked to the processing component of your stored value or points based program.